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Pipe Restoration

Check out as usual and I’ll refund your savings immediately.

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It was a dark and stormy night when you first met her at the local pipe shop.  Her stem was a pure, smooth, shiny black.  Her waxed briar shone under the shop’s lights.  Every vein of her grain was distinct and the briar had an inexplicable depth to it.  You were in love! 

She’s old and tired now.  Her stem is a bit chewed and has a greenish caste to it and her briar is….well…. just sort of brown.  She may be sort of banged up in her old age but, unlike you. her former lover, there is a Fountain of Youth for the old girl.  You’ll fall in love all over again.  Phew!

As you may have guessed by now, I restore pipes as well as sell them. 

Basic Restoration - $35 plus return postage - including interior cleaning and sanitization, trim cake, stem oxidation removal, rim tar removal and Carnauba wax application.

Remove tooth impressions from stem - $5*

Salt & alcohol treatment - $5* to remove ghosts and sweeten the pipe.

Ding removal* – I’ll need to see the pipe.

*Done only at the same time as the Basic Restoration

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